Is Football Getting Too Violent?


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(NEW YORK, NY)  —  With the recent deaths of NFL standouts Junior Seau and Dave Duerson, there are many reasons both players and the league are concerned about the way the game is being played and how players are being protected.   In recent years, the NFL has adopted stricter guidelines for the treatment of head-injuries in the league.   Players are suing the league for misrepresentation of the game claiming they weren’t told how serious concussions could become to their health.  Many players careers have been shortened by too many hits to the head.   The NFL has brought in trainers for each team that only monitors hits to the head, and determines if a player can continue.   Equipment has changed over the years as well in an effort to better protect players heads.   The NFL is currently looking at adopting sensors to be placed in the helmet or mouthpieces that will indicate the force of any blow and how concussed a player might be.

Thursday, Dave Ferguson, a Sports Fundamentalist joined Tim Lewis on IMN to discuss the future of football at every level.  What could happen, and what is currently being discussed to curtail any further injuries that could lead to a mental disorder that might cause another player to take his own life like Seau and Duerson.   Check out Ferguson’s website:

Hear Dave with Tim, HERE:  [audio:|titles=Dave Ferguson May 10]

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