Make Sure to Check Door to Door Solicitors Credentials


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(AMMON, ID)  —  The City of Ammon is warning residents about Door to Door Solicitors.

Summer is the season when the majority of door to door sales are done in our area.  The City of Ammon would like to make all Ammon residents aware that most people doing door to door solicitations are required to have a door to door sales badge clearly visible.  All badges are issued by the City of Ammon with the person’s picture.  Every person doing door to door sales must have their badge on them.  Details on the regulation of door to door sales are available on the City website at

Recently, there have been some solicitors operating in the City without being licensed.  The City would like residents to be aware that if a door to door sales person is found to be operating within the City without a license, citations will be issued and the solicitors will be instructed to leave the community.

The City encourages residents that do not want door to door solicitors, to post a “no solicitors” sign near their door. More information on preventing door to door solicitation is available by calling the City office.

Residents are asked to call the City Offices at 612-4000 or Bonneville County Dispatch at 529-1200 if a door to door sales person comes to their door without a badge.

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