Michele Bachmann Finally Decides to Endorse Mitt Romney

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Scott Olson/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — Michele Bachmann has finally decided to endorse Mitt Romney—119 days after she dropped out of the race.

The endorsement will come at a joint Romney-Bachmann appearance on Thursday. No doubt Bachmann will talk about the importance of beating Barack Obama and how Mitt Romney is the one to do it. She’ll almost certainly say that conservatives must unite behind Romney because of the importance of beating Obama.

“He cannot beat Obama,” Bachmann said shortly before she dropped out of the race. “It’s not going to happen.”

The comment came in an interview at her Iowa campaign headquarters the day before the Iowa caucuses. Bachmann had been badly sliding in the polls, but said she expected divine intervention to bring her a victory: “We’re believing in a miracle because we know, I know, the one who gives miracles.”

When asked then if Romney could beat Obama, Bachmann replied, “No, he cannot beat Obama because his policy is the basis for Obamacare.” She then went on to say that “the signature issue of Obama is Obamacare. You can’t have a candidate who has given the blueprint for Obamacare. It’s too identical. It’s not going to happen. We have to have a candidate, a bold distinct candidate in the likeness of Ronald Reagan.”

Times have changed. Romney is now the guy. But what is Bachmann going to say now about supporting the guy who gave us the “blueprint for Obamacare”?

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  • Guest says:

    This will do nothing but hurt Romney’s chances of winning in November. The radical fringe will only scare away potentially millions of independent voters who favor moderates like Romney, but who shy away from extremism on the right and the left. Romney was the only candidate aside from Huntsman that could have given Obama a serious run for his money. The more time passes, the more I’m convinced that we’ll have another four years with the incumbent. 

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