People More Open-Minded About Open Relationships

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Hemera/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Americans’ attitudes about sex and what makes up cheating and betrayal have certainly changed from the days when television programs were forbidden to show married people sleeping in the same bed.
Bad Online Dates, which encourages people to commiserate about their lousy dates, conducted a survey of hundreds of users to get an idea of what they consider the modern definition of infidelity.
For instance, 97 percent of respondents felt that watching pornography online does not constitute cheating.
For that matter, just under five percent think someone using a blow-up doll for sex when they’re involved with another person is being unfaithful.
Meanwhile, about one in seven say it’s okay if their best friend was sleeping with a married man or woman although six in ten would not tell their partner about having sex with a hotel bartender.
Still, 31 percent believe that cheating on a significant other is okay sometimes.
As for the subject of monogamy, two-thirds of the respondents believe people were not born to be with one just person and as proof of that, close to eight in ten would be open to idea of a threesome.

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