David Stern Vows to Stop Flopping in the NBA


0  Updated at 8:57 am, June 14th, 2012 By: ABC Digital
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Patrick McDermott/​Getty Images(NEW YORK) — Flopping in the NBA isn’t necessarily anything new, but more and more it has become a near epidemic around the league. It’s something the NBA commissioner David Stern has taken notice of and wants it to stop immediately.

“‘Flopping’ almost doesn’t do it justice,” Stern told reporters before Game 1 of the NBA Finals. “”Trickery. Deceit. Designed to cause the game to be decided other than on its merits. We’ll be looking at that.”

“Instant replay and elimination of tricks that are designed either to fool the ref or, if you don’t fool the ref, to make the fans think that the refs made a bad call by not calling it,” Stern later added. “That shouldn’t have a place in our game.”

Stern as well as the competition committee will begin meeting next week and this issue is sure to be on the docket. The committee is made up of a couple owners, a couple general managers, players, and owners. Flopping can already be called a foul by referees, but it is difficult to fully define when a player is or is not flopping.

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