Japanese Scientists Unveil ‘Diet Glasses’

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Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock(TOKYO) — For those looking to shed some extra pounds, researchers at the University of Tokyo may have the ideal fashion accessory: a special pair of sunglasses.

Using a tiny video camera and augmented reality technology — which can project an image in real time onto a screen — the scientists have created “diet glasses.”  According to a Japanese website, the specs can enlarge any object the wearer brings up to his or her mouth, tricking their minds into thinking they’re eating more.

The link between vision and appetite has already been firmly established scientifically, and these researchers say their own experiments back that up.  Test subjects who wore the glasses ate 9.3 percent fewer cookies than those who weren’t wearing them.

Conversely, when scientists flipped the script and shrank the cookies’ size visually, subjects ate 11 percent more than those in the control group, the researchers claim.

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