Romney’s Utah Fundraisers Could Bring in $1 Million Each


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Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — It’s a big money bonanza this weekend with the largest donors from the Romney campaign traveling to Utah for a three day retreat with the presumptive GOP nominee.

In the Deer Valley resort area of Park City, donors attending the “First National Romney Victory Leadership Retreat” will be briefed on the status of the campaign, what the next four and a half months will look like from a fundraising point of view, as well as break out into separate policy discussions on the topics of foreign policy, the economy, health care, and tax policy, according to two donors who will attend the retreat this weekend.  The event will also bring the donors from all over the country together for “team building” activities and of course to spend time with the candidate.

Reports from earlier this month describe the retreat as 300 of the biggest donors to the Romney campaign, but attendees say it could be as small as 100 of the top fundraisers.

Donors from the Wall Street and private equity worlds are expected to attend as well as longtime donors to the party. Woody Johnson, owner of the New York Jets and co-chair of the national finance committee for Romney, is expected to attend. He often has a high profile role at fundraisers introducing the candidate. The top 100 in the group have been able to donate or bundle at least $150,000 for the campaign, but many are hoping to raise a much larger amount: $1 million.

“If you look at that 100 people, if that 100 people can raise a million dollar a piece and then they can get the people that they are raising the money from to go down the line and raise like a pyramid 50 (thousand dollars), 25 (thousand dollars),10 (thousand dollars), five (thousand dollars) you can get Gov. Romney to that 6 (hundred) or 700 million dollars he needs to articulate his ideas in our current political environment,” a member of Romney’s national finance team who will attend the retreat this weekend told ABC News.

Veepstakes contenders like Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell as well former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush are attending.

Last month the Romney campaign out-raised their opponents bringing in $16 million dollars more than the Obama campaign. The Romney campaign and the Republican National Committee raised $76.8 million while the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee brought in $60 million.

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