Top 6 Ways Stephen Colbert Could Spend His Super PAC Cash


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Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post via Getty Images(NEW YORK) — Stephen Colbert’s got money in the bank. Or rather the comedian’s super PAC has cash in its coffers.

Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow’s war chest is rolling $768,000 deep, according to the latest financial disclosure reports. And while the stream of donations has slowed to a trickle — the PAC pulled in a mere $8,000 in May — its three-quarters-of-a-million-dollars stockpile could still cause some hilarity between now and November.

If Colbert’s past PAC-related antics are any inspiration, here’s what Colbert may do with that $768,000 over the next five months of the 2012 election.

1.) Team up with bygone candidates to make increasingly odd ads

2.) Become the official sponsor of the 2012 general election

3.) Make more corn porn – run a Colbert super PAC ad before the Iowa’s Ames Straw poll

4.) Launch a last-ditch effort to take over the White House

5.) Throw cold, hard cash at people

6.) Set up a legal defense fund for bribery he might some day commit

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