Vacancy Listed for House Manager at Buckingham Palace


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Comstock/Thinkstock(LONDON) — Fancy a job working for the British royals?  Well, you may be in luck — there’s a freshly listed $78,000-per-year vacancy for a house manager at Buckingham Palace.

The queen is currently seeking a master of the household’s office, who will support the delivery of hospitality services at all the royal U.K. residences, according to the Royals website.  As stated in the advertisement — which says the position pays £50,000 per year — the job involves overseeing events, predominately at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and St. James’s Palace, and leading, managing and motivating a team of highly trained staff.

The highly sought-after position requires a great deal of hospitality experience.  The listing mentions that applicants should have senior or general management level experience at a five-star establishment.

And whoever gets this coveted position will be responsible for managing a budget of £1.8 million (about $3 million).

However, the financial situation for the Queen — who is the world’s largest personal landowner — isn’t quite what it used to be.  The budget for the royal household shrunk this year to $57.8 million, down from $62.8 million last year.  This could lead to some creative corner-cutting in this newly offered role.

Applicants had better hurry and get their resumes in order though — the closing date for the listing is July 4.

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