Facebook Page, Donation Site Set Up for Student Mauled by Chimps


ABC News(NEW YORK) — A Facebook page and a wepay.com account have been established to raise money to cover medical care for Andrew Oberle, the Texas grad student who was mauled by two chimps last week at a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa.

The wepay.com account has raised $15,507 as of Monday night.  The website states, “Andy’s passion was working with animals and we all know he will get through this but he needs our help.”

Oberle was leading a tour at the Jane Goodall Institute Chimpanzee Eden near Johannesburg when he was attacked.

Eugene Cussons, the director of the institute, told ABC News Oberle was standing in a restricted area when he was attacked.  Cussons says Oberle stepped on a rock that the chimps perceived as their territory, and they charged.  

The chimps involved in the attack will not be euthanized.

The attack left Oberle with severe injuries over his entire body, including massive cuts to his head and face, a broken right arm, torn muscles and ligaments, lacerations to both legs and the loss of several fingers and toes.

Oberle underwent six hours of surgery at a hospital in Nelspruit, South Africa, and is now in stable condition, but remains in a medically-induced coma.

Hospital spokesperson Robyn Baard says the grad student is very seriously ill and is expected to remain in intensive care for some time.

Oberle’s parents arrived in South Africa on Monday to be at their son’s side.

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