Former Olympian Overcomes Illness to Succeed at Life


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(USA)   —   She was the youngest woman ever to make the U.S. Swim team at the age of 14.  She was a member of the Olympic team that went to Seoul, Korea in 1988.  She was diagnosed then with an immune difficiency disease.    She found the strength to fight through that and become a World Class swimming.   She was Co-Captain of the U.S. swim team for 7-years.   She won 4-gold medals in International competition.    She has written a book about combating stress, and is a highly sought after public speaker.   She joined Tim Lewis on IMN this week to talk about the Olympic games and her struggles in life and how she has rise above it all!   Get more information on Katrina on her website:

Listen to Katrina talk with Tim, HERE:  Katrina Radke July 17

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