Movie Review: “Katy Perry: Part of Me”


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Paramount Pictures(NEW YORK) — Katy Perry’s 3D concert film, Part of Me, definitely captures the candy-coated fun and excitement of Katy’s California Dreams concert tour, but it doesn’t shy away from the emotional turmoil the pop superstar experienced during that tour, or the trials and tribulations of evolving from a teenage gospel singer and preacher’s daughter to a pop star singing about kissing a girl and liking it.

Indeed, the events leading to Perry’s failed marriage to actor and comic Russell Brand are given center stage in the film, though obviously told from Perry’s point of view.  She’s shown going to great lengths to make her marriage work, including flying off to see Russell between tour dates despite her exhaustion.

The topic of children was also evidently a sore spot for the couple.  In one scene, after Brand sends Katy a text joking about what they should name their children, she declares, “Babies can’t have babies, and I’m still a baby.” When her marriage ultimately crumbles, Katy is seen sobbing in despair, after which he pulls herself together, hits the stage and knocks the crowd dead.

Emotional turmoil aside, Perry fans are going to love the opening of the movie, which features fans ranging from late childhood to their early 20s talking to their computer cameras about Katy and her effect on their lives.  Suddenly, footage appears of a then-18-year-old Perry — she’s now 27 — intimately talking to a camera about her own life, seamlessly edited into the end of the montage.

We meet all of the important people in Katy’s life, see plenty of Katy “without any makeup on,” and learn pretty much everything her fans ever wanted to know.  Since I’m not exactly one of those fans, I wish there had been a little more background.  I also think the film could’ve been grittier and gone into a greater detail about Perry’s struggles, but that isn’t really the point here.  What Katy Perry: Part of Me delivers is a part of Perry that’s emotional, uplifting and infectiously entertaining. A must-see for Katy Perry Fans.

Three-and-a-half out of five stars. 

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