Ann Romney: ‘Our Love’ Is with Robin Roberts


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Robin poses with her sister and doctor. ABC/Fred Lee(NEW YORK) — Ann Romney Friday morning sent a message of love and support to ABC’s Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts, whose mother, Lucimarian Tolliver Roberts, passed away Thursday night.  The news came just hours after Robin Roberts began an extended medical leave in preparation for a bone marrow transplant.

“Our love is with her.  She’s lost her mother.  I don’t think there’s a harder thing we do in our lives than to lose our mothers so our thoughts and prayers, Robin, they’re with you,” said Romney, who tweeted a message of support to Robin Roberts earlier this week as well.

Speaking to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America, Mrs. Romney said she spent the time after her husband’s speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., with her grandchildren, who she said couldn’t be prouder of their grandfather, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

“As you might imagine, with all the grandchildren again, all these little ones, I don’t think they had more fun in their life than that balloon drop and I don’t know if you know, George, but they were down in the stairs and some of them are pretty little and when the third, oh my gosh, balloons were flying.  I was in my heels and I was diving down because I thought some of them, they were, they were buried in there,” Mrs. Romney said.  ”We couldn’t even find them but they had such a great time.  And then afterwards they all came up to the room.  It was very late for them, as you might imagine, they were very little but it didn’t matter, they were screaming and jumping on their grandfather and were so proud of him.”

When Stephanopoulos asked her about how she envisioned her role as first lady should her husband win the election, Mrs. Romney said that the issue of at-risk youth was close to her heart.

“For a long time, many years, I’ve spent with at-risk youth and my concern is making sure that every child lives their fullest potential and we have so many people in this country right now that are not getting the proper education, that are not having perhaps the kind of family life that leads them to having the total support and my heart goes out to those kids,” she said.  “They have such potential.  We have such great kids in this country and some of them just aren’t able to reach their full potential so I would hope that I’d be able to work with at-risk youth.”

Stephanopoulos asked Mrs. Romney to weigh in on Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood’s speech Thursday night that left many scratching their heads.  She said she had not given the speech much thought and was unaware he would be coming on stage at all.

“I, frankly, hadn’t given it much thought.  I didn’t know he was even going to come on stage,” she said, adding that she was grateful for the support of Eastwood.

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