Carol Dodge Talks Candidly on Idaho’s Midday News


11  Updated at 4:43 pm, August 24th, 2012 By: Managing Editor
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(IDAHO FALLS, ID)  —  On the morning of the Dateline NBC story detailing the brutal murder of her daughter and the subsequent investigation, trial and conviction of the man now in jail for that crime, Carol Dodge spoke with Jolyn Thomas on Idaho’s Midday News about her tireless involvement in pursuing the truth.   Christopher Tapp has been incarcerated since 1996 for the senseless rape and murder of Angie Dodge in Idaho Falls, but many, including Carol feel that the wrong man has been in prison all this time.   His DNA was never discovered at the scene of the crime.  He was pressured into a confession, and now those that were involved in the conviction process have much to lose.

Earlier this year, Carol finally convinced NBC to examine the case, and they found it so compelling that sent their top reporter to Idaho to cover the story.   Tapp’s attorney, John Thomas, has also been working extremely hard to get his client out of prison.    For a complete timeline of the case, additional audio and more click on

Listen to Carol talking with Jolyn HERE:






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  • Andrew

    I went to school with Chris and considered him a good friend. Like others, I don’t believe that he was capable of such an act. I wish only the best for him and closure to this horrific act of violence. My heart goes out for everyone involved.

  • hammurabi

    Apparently multiple police agencies, prosecutors, judges, and the attorney generals office had it all wrong. The twelve jurors that viewed the complete video taped confession by Chris Tapp must not have a clue either. Not a shred of DNA evidence putting Chris Tapp at the crime scene. Wow! I guess no one should have been convicted of a crime prior to DNA technology. Murders like Angie’s are typically committed by one person; however there have been similar cases involving multiple suspects. The DNA belongs to the accomplice of convicted murderer Chris Tapp. I pray that all persons responsible for the murder are someday brought to justice.

  • Holden

    Guess everyone failed to mention Jolyn Thomas is John Thomas’s wife …………(Christopher Tapp’s attorney)………,hmmmmm nice to keep it in the family……….

  • Lynn

    Yes, nice to keep it in the family isn’t it? The judges, crown proscecution, jurors and police are all in the same family, too. This is the mother who believes, as do I after watching the videos, that Chris Tapp is innocent. Get some DNA from those in high positions.

  • Love 4all

    Yes why would a former police officer turned Mayor or anyone for that matter want to send an innocent person to jail? No compassion? You can see from the tapes he was fed information and now due to embarrassment they won’t admit he may not be involved and at least let him have a new trial. His DNA was not at the scene! Find out who did it! Have a conscience! Who cares who’s wife she is? The story deserves to get out there and there needs to be some police who care finding the perpetrator!

  • Lori

    This is just the worst case of injustice I have ever seen. Out of site out of mind is what the system believes. Mrs Dodge deserves to know who killed her daughter. Chris Tapp was pushed into a confession. Mrs Dodge is correct when it comes to the case needs different eyes. Idaho state should look into this case again. As far as the defense attorney being married to Jolyn and Jolyn interviewing Mrs Dodge. So what? She did mention it in the interview if u listened. That has nothing to do with anything. What u should talk about is the good ole boy system that is happening in Idaho Falls. I pray for justice for Angie Dodge. I pray for a quick release of Chris Tapp. The memory of Angie Dodge hasn’t been forgotten after 16 years. She must have been a shining star, being gone but not forgotten.

  • Marcie Johnson

    Jarod Fuhriman or whatever is a crock. He’s like a little kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar. He’s so self centered and immature that he can’t even fess up to his own major wrongdoings. That whole town is fixed. There’s a group of people in the political and judicial/law enforcement arenas that do nasty little deeds and have eachothers back all in the name of power and greed. It’s whatever suits them and to hell with everyone else. Why doesn’t the FBI go in and clean that place up. I’m so glad I don’t live there anymore.

  • Marcie Johnson

    Let’s not forget the Downard murders. I heard the police “deal” tapes they did with Jeff Smith and they were just trying to get someone convicted quick, so they let him go if he would say his brother did it. They trained him on what to say. How did I hear these? They gave copies to his x wife and I went over and she had me listen to them. Screwballs. Can’t you people start a petition or something to show that you’re tired of it? Don’t forget Kimball Mason either. I’m not afraid to say, IF bigwigs, you STINK!

    • bwak

      do you know if these ‘deal tapes’ still exist?

  • Marcie Johnson

    Personally, I think they should look in there own offices for the person who committed this murder. What are they hiding?

  • Momof5

    Carol’s mom mentioned that her daughter had said “I did something really stupid today” and they never discussed what that was. I think if I heard correctly, her mom said she worked at a salon? Did the police focus on any of her recent clients, did she mention to her co-workers that she might be going to meet any of her clients socially and it could have been a date that went wrong? Perhaps the “stupid thing she did” was give out her information to someone she just met at work? That DNA belongs to someone and it’s not Hobbs or Tapps. I am assuming the DNA wasn’t Jeff Smith’s either? Did anyone ever find out why he was covered in blood that night? I am very sorry this happened, I feel for her mom, family and friends, so sad.