Caught on Tape: Arizona Man Hit by Truck Survives


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Comstock/Thinkstock(CHANDLER, Ariz.) — Police in Chandler, Ariz., are looking for two teenage girls who they say are responsible for a hit-and-run that injured a 26-year-old man.

Luckily, Steven Bright only suffered a broken right hand and bruised ribs from the incident, something he thinks is “amazing.”  At the time of the hit-and-run, Bright thought his life was over.

“I remember thinking in my head this is it pretty much.  I’m going be thrown off this truck and I’m done,” Bright told ABC News.

Bright and his brother were walking near Carson Elementary School on Aug. 4 when they say two girls in a white pickup truck started throwing water balloons at them.  Bright said that at first he thought they were throwing rocks.

That’s when Bright and his brother crossed in front of the truck to get out of the line of fire when the driver stepped on the gas.  Bright’s brother was able to escape, but the truck snagged Bright’s shirt and dragged him under the tires.

“I could hear the girls screaming in the car.  I actually saw the two girls in the vehicle when I was flying over the front driver side of the truck,” said Bright.  “I was yelling ‘Hey, stop.  Stop.  Stop’ and they just would not stop.”

As for the driver, police have the incident on tape thanks to surveillance video that Carson Elementary captured.  Police say the driver could face charges of aggravated assault.

“It’s a very serious incident.  What’s more important is the fact that we are really seeking these two individuals out so we can really hear their version of what happened,” said Det. Seth Tyler of the Chandler police department.

Bright is putting up $2,000 of his own money for information leading to the arrest of the driver, according to ABC News affiliate ABC 15.

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