GOP Bracing for Perfect Storm of Problems in Tampa


Hemera/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — If Republicans think they’re going to have a calm week nominating Mitt Romney for president in Tampa, Fla., they might have another thing coming.

Or, actually, a number of other things to watch out for.

Security will be tight around the convention hall as officials brace for demonstrations by the Occupy Wall Street movement and the New Black Panthers.

There were reports Tuesday of suspicious items found on the roof of a Tampa building, fueling a bit more anxiety, but police don’t appear to be too worried as fences and road closures around the convention site should ease concerns.

A bit more problematic is Tropical Storm Isaac, now brewing in the eastern Caribbean.  According to the National Hurricane Center, Isaac could gain strength as it passes over the warm water of the Gulf of Mexico and conceivably be on a path toward Tampa as the party gets started next Monday.

And then, there’s Hurricane Joe, as in Joe Biden, the vice president of the United States.  He plans to wreak a little havoc of his own with appearances in Tampa on Monday and Tuesday that could steal some thunder from the GOP.

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