Iranian Lawmaker Warns of Israel’s Destruction If It Attacks First


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iStockphoto/Thinkstock(TEHRAN, Iran) — An Iranian member of parliament says that Israel had better think long and hard before attacking his country in a preemptive strike to knock out its nuclear program, according to a story in The Tehran Times.

Avaz Heidarpour told the Fars News Agency that Israel would literally be signing its own death warrant if it dares to deploy jets and missiles to take out Iranian facilities.

Using language espoused by Tehran, Heidarpour said, “If the Zionist regime dares to attack Iran, the Islamic Republic clearly states that it cannot guarantee that even one single Zionist living in the occupied Palestinian territories will survive.”

He also claimed, “The Zionists’ assessments for a 30-day war with Iran are accurate.  However, the outcome will be just the opposite of what they say.  Iran can bring Israel to its knees in no time.”

Among other things, the lawmaker talked about first killing all Israeli top officials in Tel Aviv with missiles.

As for an Israeli preemptive strike actually taking place, Heidarpour boasted, “We have no doubt that the Zionists’ claims about attacking Iran are nothing but psychological warfare.”

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