Search Now Becomes a Recovery Effort in the Snake River



(IDAHO FALLS, ID)   —   The Search has now become a Recovery effort as crews continue to search for an elderly man witnesses say jumped off the Pancheri Bridge early Thursday morning.   A passerby said the man stopped his car right in front of him, got out, climbed the railing and then jumped into the Snake River.   That person immediately called 9-1-1.  Within a few minutes Idaho Falls Police and Search and Rescue from Bonneville County were on the scene trying to spot the man in the river.   The man’s wife apparently watched in horror from the bridge for several minutes until he disappeared.   Search crews in boats, on jet skis and in a helicopter spent close to two hours looking for the man down river.   The search has proved fruitless, and has now moved into a recovery mode.    No word from authorities yet on the identity of the man.     We’ll have more information as it is released.



photo courtesy of KIFI

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