Talking Politics at Work Is Risky but People Do It Anyway


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Hemera/Thinkstock(CHICAGO) — If you want to make life easier for yourself at work, remember these three steadfast rules: don’t gossip about the boss, don’t fall asleep at your desk and don’t talk politics.

People can probably adhere to the first two rules, but a new CareerBuilder survey suggests it’s tough not to talk politics, especially during a particularly contentious election year.

Over a third of survey respondents admit they do chat with co-workers about candidates or hot button issues and 20 percent say that sometimes the arguments turn heated or even result in a fight.

What’s more, some respondents said they’ve gotten into a nasty political discussion with a higher-up in the company — not exactly the best strategy for career advancement.

According to the survey, about 10 percent said their opinion about a co-worker changed after finding out about their political views and generally not for the better.

As for who likes to talk politics at work, it’s men more often than women while those 55 and older are most apt to discuss candidates and issues.  People 25 and under are the least likely to talk politics.

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