Pet Monkey Escapes Home, Terrorizes Florida Neighborhood


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ABC(SANFORD, Fla.) — Chaos erupted in Sanford, Fla., when a pet monkey broke loose from his cage and began roaming the streets.

Zeke led police on a wild chase Sunday, injured at least two people and sent residents scurrying for safety.

“It lunged at me you know it came at my legs so I just kind of kicked it. Tried to fling it off my leg like that and it did back off for a little while,” said Samuel Boylston.

“He actually came up and jumped up and tried to bite my arm right here. And his last tooth just kind of nicked it,” said Jason Diel.

Zeke traveled from house to house, jumping on a police car and even nibbled on a satellite dish. Jeff Jacques, Zeke’s owner, says the 4-year-old Pigtail Macaque freed itself from his backyard cage.

“He ripped this chain back this way, ripped that, pushed that chain up and broke the stanchions of the railing. He’s Houdini,” he said.

Animal control officers closed the streets around Zeke and he was finally captured by his owner unharmed.

“He’s just too big, too strong, and he’s going to get stronger,” said Jacques.

Zeke’s owner is taking him to an animal refuge today, because this is the second time he has escaped since last month.

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