Romney Campaign Launching New Series of Ads


Win McNamee/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — The Romney campaign is launching a new advertising offensive that will focus more on the GOP candidate’s plans to turn the country around.

Sources say several new ads have been cut that feature Romney speaking directly to camera. Romney’s aides are describing the retooling as “More Mitt” — an acknowledgement that attacking President Obama is not enough and that Romney still has to make the case that he is a credible alternative.

Two installments in the new series of ads are out this morning.

“My plan is to help the middle class,” Romney says in one of the ads. “Trade has to work for America. That means crack down on cheaters like China. That means open up new markets.”

The ad says that by “making trade work for America, balancing our budget, and championing small business, we’ll create 12 million new jobs.”


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