Video Shows Rebel Execution of Syrian Forces in Aleppo


Scott Peterson/Getty Images(DAMASCUS, Syria) — The conflict in Syria showed further signs of spinning out of control Monday after a video was released that depicts the execution of over 20 government soldiers by rebel forces.

An opposition group, which sides with the rebels, says that the incident occurred in the northern city of Aleppo where some of the fiercest fighting of the war has taken place in recent weeks.

Following the shooting, men wearing army fatigues were seen lying in the sidewalk, some who had been blindfolded with their hands tied behind their backs.

Meanwhile, rebels holding weapons are also viewed nearby as a voice in Arabic intones “God is great” while a camera pans over the corpses.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says that the execution likely took place earlier this month.  Release of the video follows Sunday’s simultaneous car bomb explosions near two hospitals in Aleppo that claimed more than 30 lives and wounded dozens more.  Most of those killed were civilians.

Government and rebel forces are battling for control of the city of three million, which could determine the outcome of the conflict now nearing its 19th month with tens of thousands killed.

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