Game On? McCain Blasts Obama on Benghazi at ‘Storm Relief’ Rally


ABC News(ONTARIO, Ohio) — After nearly 48 hours of squall stall, Sen. John McCain has kicked the the presidential campaign back into gear, ripping the Obama administration’s response to the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi during a brief speech Tuesday afternoon at a “storm relief and volunteer appreciation” event in central Ohio.

“The president is either engaged in a massive cover-up deceiving the American people or he is so grossly incompetent that he is not qualified to be the commander-in-chief of our armed forces,” McCain told a gathering of Romney supporters.

“I think it’s interesting to note that when there was a success, such as when, thank God, we were able to get bin Laden, the administration poured out every single detail, even details that put American lives in danger,” McCain said, answering reporters’ questions later.

It’s a familiar line of attack from the Arizona senator, who during a Sunday appearance on CBS’s Face the Nation called the incident “the worst cover-up of incompetence I have ever observed in my life.”

“This administration is very good at touting and giving all the details, like when they got bin Laden but now we know there were tapes, or recordings inside the consulate during this fight…and the FBI finally got in and took those and now they’re classified as ‘top secret,’” McCain added, suggesting the president understood the nature of the attack weeks before informing the public.

Speaking at another “storm relief event” earlier in the day, Mitt Romney was more cautious.

“We have heavy hearts, as you know, with all of the suffering going on in a major part of the country,” he said as volunteers boxed up food, bottled water, diapers and batteries for storm victims.

Romney is in Florida Tuesday night. He will join Sen. Marco Rubio on the campaign trail Wednesday morning. President Obama is not expected back on the stump before Thursday.

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  • Earl Kubin says:

    I had
    to hold my nose in 2008 to vote for McCain – simply because he was so weak as a
    presidential candidate, Bush was worthless – truly he did nothing ‘good’,
    spending like… almost like Obama… but I’m glad to see John McCain doing
    something useful and attacking this socialist in the WH.

  • Byron Bonds says:

    Even a hurricane cannot wash away the shame of the
    Obama administration cover-up and its negligence in allowing four Americans to
    die in a foreign country when it was preventable. CNN and NBC won’t save us from another four
    years of Obama. It is left up to us. Patriots please Google ‘Benghazi Cover-up’
    and see how many newspapers and career defense/intelligence experts are trying
    to inform the world about the events and get justice for the four Americans
    sacrificed in Benghazi by Obama. Facebook
    is a very powerful tool in the hands of a free people. Dozens of people are promoting every story on
    the crime against our citizens and the cover-up by this government, but we need
    it to grow to thousands. Obama was so
    proud of the ‘Arab Spring’, please join in building Obama’s American Fall. Please Like, Comment and SHARE as many
    Benghazi cover-up links and Facebook articles as you can. Facebook will shut down the originators of
    this effort, as they already have interrupted the Special Ops and former US
    Navy Seals Facebook pages and posts, but they cannot get to hundreds and
    thousands as this effort spreads. The
    men who were murdered as the Obama administration prevented their rescue
    deserve this much for their sacrifice. Please
    search for the stories and promote them through this free media until the
    election is over and we have a Commander in Chief worthy of the title. For us this takes a few clicks and some time
    away from kitten videos. For the four
    killed in Benghazi and their families, this is the only means to bring justice
    to the cowards who left Americans to die.

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