ACLU Reacts to ‘Gang Activity’ in Idaho’s Largest Prison


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BOISE – The American Civil Liberties Union of Idaho says a private contracting company running Idaho’s largest prison is in violation of a settlement reached two years ago.
ACLU officials claim Corrections Corporation of America allowed Idaho’s prison system to become so violent, it has been called a “Gladiator School.” ACLU sued the company, and eventually reached a settlement requiring staffing and safety changes.
Recent allegations of increased gang activity have reignited the controversy. Eight inmates at the Idaho Correctional Center are suing CCA, contending the company is working with a few powerful prison gangs to control the facility south of Boise. The Associated Press reports a video, filed with the lawsuit, shows six members of the Aryan Knights prison gang jumping out of a janitor supply closet to attack seven members of a rival gang. The Aryan Knights in the video are armed with knives and other weapons made out of toothbrushes, drawer pulls and other materials.
CCA officials say they’re focused on maintaining a safe, well-managed atmosphere.

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