An Arrest Made in SWAT Standoff in Pocatello


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(POCATELLO, ID)  —  Pocatello Police have made an arrest in the SWAT standoff from Sunday.   Jamin Robert Bowen was arrested Sunday on charges of possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.  Neighbors close to the home at 425 Hyde Ave, told Police they heard a woman screaming around 5am and called police.   Once police arrived, they heard yelling inside the home, which continued for several minutes.   Officers apparently tried to get through the door using forced entry, but they couldn’t get through the door.  That is when SWAT was brought in.   While the investigation is on-going,  Pocatello Police Captain Rick Capell says negotiators were on the phone trying to get them to come out of the house.   According to Police, at least one person was being held against their will in the house.  Police did manage to rescue the family of three including a 5-year old girl.   Witnesses say the Father of the family was coaxed out of the home some 5-hours later with blood on his clothing.

Neighbors say the couple does have a history of heated arguments, and indicate the incident may have something to do with child custody.   No other information has yet been released.

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