Bonneville County Sheriff Warns of ‘Jury-Duty’ Scam


(IDAHO FALLS, ID)  — The Jury Commissioners Office in Bonneville County continues to receive multiple phone calls in reference to arrest warrants for people not appearing for Jury duty.

If you get a telephone call or a text message that tells you that you have missed jury duty, and that there is a warrant for your arrest. It is not real. It is someone’s way of playing a joke on people, or an attempt to defraud people of money.    Bonneville County will not call if you miss a jury duty appearance.    They will either mail a letter to your home, or have a Deputy with the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office come to your home and serve a summons for fail to appear.    This information was sent out in early September.   Wednesday the Jury commissioner’s office received 6 telephone calls from concerned citizens.

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