Parents Outraged Over ‘Principal-Approved Teacher Bullying’


1  Updated at 7:15 am, November 15th, 2012 By: Managing Editor
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teacher bullying declo elementary

Photo Courtesy KBOI

CASSIA COUNTY – Parents are outraged over an incident they say was principal-approved teacher bullying.

KBOI reports six students at Declo Elementary near Burley were punished when they didn’t meet their reading goals. The teacher of the fourth grade class allowed other students to use markers to draw mustaches and write names on the faces of the students who didn’t meet the goals.

The school district says the incident is under investigation.

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  • Aimee Aguilar

    To whom it may concern:

    I have to say that after reading
    the reports concerning the recent activities that have taken place at
    Declo Elementary, I am appalled. In what world is it okay for a teacher
    to encourage other children to bully their classmates? As a former
    student of Declo High School, I have to say this is not an isolated
    incident. I went to the schools there for 7 years. For almost all of my
    time there, I was bullied. I was threatened with death, bodily harm, and
    made to feel worthless. The sad part, the teachers and administration
    were aware of the bullying and chose not to do anything about it. This
    was before there were anti-bullying campaigns in the schools. I am sick
    to my stomach as I read about the way these children were treated. How
    dare that teacher??? How dare she encourage this behavior? She has been
    intrusted with the education of our children. As a parent my children
    will never again attend a school in the Cassia County School District.
    Yes, this was an isolated event. Unfortunately this occurs more then the
    media is aware of. Granted there are good teachers in the school
    district. That being said, my faith in the school district and teachers
    has been shaken beyond repair. The teacher was suspended with paid
    leave. Are you kidding me?? What about firing her? This is unacceptable
    behavior. It can not be tolerated. Just a slap on the wrist is not going
    to cut it. She has damaged those children. The one group has been
    taught it is okay to bully, demean, and belittle our peers. This is
    something they will likely continue to do since they were given
    permission and encouraged. Now it is an acceptable behavior. The second
    group has suffered emotional damage. They self-esteem has suffered. They
    have been labeled as stupid by their peers. They will likely be teased
    and treated as such by their peer group for the remainder of their
    educational experience at Declo. This is ridiculous. It is unacceptable.
    I have had my children in both the Cassia County and Minidoka County
    schools and will never place my children back in the Cassia County
    Schools. Especially Declo. I am not saying the teachers at any other
    school but Declo are appalling. I am talking directly about Declo. I am
    however, targeting the school superintendent and administration of the
    school district for their lack of action following this behavior.

    Aimee Aguilar
    A concerned and outraged parent!!!