Sister of Malala Yousufzai’s Alleged Gunman Apologizes

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Veronique de Viguerie/Getty Images(ISLAMABAD) — The sister of the man accused of trying to kill a 15-year-old Pakistani school girl is speaking out.

Rehana Haleem, who lives in Pakistan’s Swat Valley, told CNN her brother has brought shame to their family.  She said police raided her home and arrested everyone, demanding to know where her brother was hiding.

“We have lost everything after what he did,” she said.

That brother, 23-year-old Attah Ullah Khan, is the prime suspect in the attack on 15-year old Malala Yousufzai, the young girl who fought for girls’ education in Pakistan.

Haleem told CNN she believes her brother is guilty, and that he disappeared just after the attack happened.  She also said she’s sorry for the pain her brother inflicted on the young girl.

“What he did was intolerable,” Haleem told CNN.  “Malala is just like my sister.  I’d like to express my concern for Malala on behalf of my whole family; I hope she recovers soon and returns to a happy and normal life as soon as possible.  I hope Malala doesn’t consider me or my family as enemies.  I don’t consider Atta Ullah my brother anymore.”

Yousufzai and two classmates were shot nearly a month ago while on their way home from school after receiving threats from the Taliban for years.  Yousafzai was a strong advocate for girls’ education — something the Taliban disapprove of.

While Yousafzai recovers in a British hospital, the Pakistani government has announced her two classmates will receive stars of courage,  one of the highest awards anyone can receive in Pakistan.  One of those classmates is already back at school, and says despite being attacked, she’s determined to continue her education.

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