Today On Idaho’s Midday News With Jolyn Thomas: Mom Transfers Son from Declo Following Incident With Teacher


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A Cassia County fourth grade teacher’s decision has pushed Idaho into the national spotlight.

Summer Larsen gave students markers and allowed them to draw on the faces of “slow readers.”

Coming up at 11 a.m., Jolyn will be talking with a mom who transferred her son out of the school following this incident. Jolyn will also have reaction from a man who has two grandchildren in that fourth-grade class.

The superintendent and a parent have issued statements saying this teacher did nothing wrong.

Where do you stand on this issue? Give Jolyn a a call at 524-TALK (8255).

  • Mike

    I.F. man arrested for punching man who ran over his dog

    4, 2014


    Idaho Falls man was arrested Wednesday after he reportedly punched a man in the
    head, causing bleeding on the victim’s brain.

    Manuel Madrigal, 42, was booked into Bonneville County Jail and charged with
    aggravated battery. Madrigal punched the 24-year-old man, police said, after
    the man’s car struck and killed Madrigal’s dog at about 8 p.m. Tuesday on the
    200 block of 18th Street. Bonneville County Jail officials said Thursday that
    Madrigal posted bond and was no longer was in custody.

    Idaho Falls Police Department refused to release the victim’s name Thursday on
    the advice of the

    Falls City Attorney’s Office.

    to an incident report, the victim stopped his car and got out to apologize.
    Madrigal told the victim he was calling the police, but when the victim turned
    to go back to his vehicle, Madrigal punched him in the right side of the head,
    “knocking him out,” the report said. Madrigal then returned to his home.

    that point, a neighbor called police.

    officers arrived, they found the victim, “Lying on the north side of the road
    with blood oozing from his right ear. The victim was conscious but dazed and
    when he sat up he was found to be also bleeding from the back of his head,” the
    report said.

    arrived at the scene, but the victim chose not to go the hospital and returned
    home. Later, the victim was taken by ambulance to Eastern Idaho Regional
    Medical Center after he reportedly passed out at home.

    CAT scan later revealed the victim had a traumatic subarachnoid, or bleeding on
    the brain, the report said.

    is no stranger to the police.

    was arrested Aug. 31, 2013, on charges of disturbing the peace, resisting
    arrest and battery on an officer following an incident at a child’s birthday
    party. Later, a Bonneville County jury acquitted Madrigal of all charges. He
    filed a tort claim in February asking the city to pay for damages to his family
    and their home.

    battery is punishable by up to 15 years in prison.