Boise St. Coach Being Lured to Arkansas


7  Updated at 5:18 am, December 3rd, 2012 By: Managing Editor
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(BOISE) – The future of Boise State football coach Chris Petersen is hanging in the balance this week.

There’s no shortage of speculation as to where Petersen could coach next, or even if he plans to leave the Gem State. Petersen is being heavily recruited by the University of Arkansas, with rumors of an annual salary well above Petersen’s current $2 million pay package.

Petersen laughed off rumors of a move during a press conference last week.

The Broncos have a winning record of 83-8 since Petersen took the helm seven years ago.

  • hate to tell you

    WPS! Done deal

  • OJ Simpson

    Killer article

  • Razorbacx

    I hate it for the Bronco faithful, but Razorback Nation would welcome Coach Petersen with open arms. I personally believe that Coach Petersen is one of the top five coaches in all of college football. He deserves an opportunity to win on the big stage that Arkansas can provide him. WOOO PIG SOOIE! GO HOGS GO!

  • Harvey Specter

    Great Article Does Wally Hall write for a Idaho paper on the side?

  • BroncoNation#1

    Let the big dog eat in the SEC. Release him from the hell known as Boise.

  • mt45

    “done deal” means something different in the twitter age than it did before.

  • rd purtle

    Coach Petersen is definately the one we’re wanting to announce tonight!!! WPS!!!!!