Eight Percent of Americans Sleep in the Nude, Survey Finds

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Erik Snyder/Photodisc/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — A new survey on the sleep habits of Americans finds that a small percentage of us like to sleep in the nude.

Eight percent of respondents to a national sleep survey — commissioned by a company that no doubt has some stake in its findings, the home furnishings retailer Anna’s Linens — admit hitting the sack without PJs. Seventy-four percent of respondents wear pajamas to bed, the survey found.  The same percentage of Americans sleep on their sides.  Sixteen percent sleep on their stomachs and ten percent on their backs.

Additional findings:

  • 47 percent share a bed with someone who snores.
  • Just ten percent of respondents said they were able to recall nearly all their dreams in the morning.
  • 65 percent say they get a “restful night’s sleep” only three nights or less per week.
  • Ten percent say they get a restful night’s sleep every night, while 25 percent say they sleep restfully five to six nights per week.
  • The survey finds that Friday night provides the most restful sleep, followed closely by Saturday.  The night that provides the least restful night is Sunday, followed by Monday.

The nationwide survey involved more than 3,700 individuals.

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