GOP Weekly Address: Senator Roy Blunt Discusses Progress on Avoiding the Fiscal Cliff


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United States Senate(WASHINGTON) — In this week’s Republican address, Missouri Senator Roy Blunt highlighted the need for Republicans and Democrats to solve the fiscal cliff.

“Divided government is a good time to solve hard problems—and in the next few days, leaders in Washington have an important responsibility to work together and do just that,” Blunt states.

The fiscal cliff could possibly “lead to devastating job losses at a time when American families and small business owners are still struggling to get back on their feet,” according to Blunt.

Yet, Republicans in the House have specifically worked to pass “bills to protect all Americans from burdensome tax increases” and “passed legislation to replace damaging across-the-board spending cuts with responsible targeted ones, and to bring our nation’s record debt under control.”

It is now the Senate’s turn to move legislation forward.

Blunt concludes, “We still can avoid going over the fiscal cliff if the President and the Democrat-controlled Senate step forward this week and work with Republicans to solve this problem and solve it now.”

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