Jefferson School District Addresses Students’ Safety


(RIGBY) – Following the tragedy in Newtown, Conn., some local schools immediately informed parents that their children are safe.

On Friday, Jefferson School District 251 officials sent an email to parents to express their condolences for those affected by the tragedy. At approximately noon today, the school district sent a second email reminding parents of the district’s safety procedures.

“We respect the importance of families sharing the information about this tragedy with their children as they feel is appropriate,” the email said. “However, we will continue to stress the importance of the regular school safety drills we conduct: monthly fire drills, lock-downs and evacuations, along with cooperation of local law enforcement, fire and ems services, to ensure we are prepared.

“As a school staff, parents and a community, we must be aware of safety concerns, and hope those concerns are communicated to the school and/or law enforcement.

“We continue to emphasize preparation for any crisis by conducting safety drills and providing  important resources for student and parents, please review that important safety information.

“Student safety is our highest priority, please share concerns and suggestions with the principal, staff member or myself.”

As parents struggle to find ways to explain the devastation to their children, the school district sent a link to this website for guidance:

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