KSL Pulls Gun Classifieds


(SALT LAKE CITY) – KSL has temporarily suspended firearms sales on its popular classifieds website.

Company managers say the move came out of respect for the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting, which raised broad questions about the site’s largely unregulated gun sales.

Other companies have made similar decisions in recent days. Dick’s Sporting Goods has agreed to suspend some gun sales as well.

In response to KSL, a group of Utah businessmen began a new free classified websites for guns. Utah Gun Exchange opened yesterday morning and by afternoon had several thousand visits to the site and nearly 800 Facebook fans.

According to a press release, UtahGunExchange.com was launched to provide a cooperative marketplace for Utah residents to offer and find firearms for sale. Utah Gun Exchange will fill the void left by KSL’s decision to depart from Utah’s private firearms market Tuesday, said Exchange co-founder Nick Moyes.

“Our site’s launch gives KSL an easy out,” said Moyes. “We appreciate what they’ve done thus far and understand that offering Utahns the ability to buy and sell firearms may not be a stance they wish to champion anymore.”

Utah law allows for the private purchase of firearms between adults in Utah with no registration.

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