Learn the Warning Signs of “Holiday Heart Syndrome”

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Stockbyte/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — People tend to overindulge with eating and drinking over the holidays, and this causes a rise in cases of “holiday heart syndrome” or an irregular heartbeat, according to MedPage Today.

Warning signs of “holiday heart syndrome” include the following: palpitations, fainting and chest pains.

This can occur in otherwise healthy people, who overeat and consume too much alcohol. Caffeine and lack of sleep can also contribute to an irregular heartbeat.

Partyers, who become patients at emergency rooms, often complain that their hearts feel like they’re racing out of their chests.

Intravenous fluids usually solves the problem, and sometimes medication is required.

In rare cases, “holiday heart syndrome” can pose the threat of stroke or blood clots.

Taking it easy on the bar and buffet tables and this will help you avoid a trip to the hospital.

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