Morsi Asks Egypt to Pull Together After Constitution Approval


AFP/Getty Images(CAIRO) — Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi told his countrymen on Wednesday that everything was on the level when voters approved an Islamist-based constitution during two rounds of ballot-casting.

During a televised address, Morsi asked that those who opposed the draft proposal to now work together with the Muslim Brotherhood, which controls the government, so that Egypt can move toward a brighter future.

Morsi also expressed gratitude to Egyptians taking part in a free and fair election, declaring the country was transitioning from a “First Republic” to a new “Second Republic.”

Critics contend voter fraud took place in areas where people opposed the constitution, which threatens to set back women’s rights in Egypt and boost persecution against minorities including Christians.

Meanwhile, Egypt is in the midst of a major economic crisis and rather than fight the government on the constitution, Morsi’s opponents might wait for economic turmoil to set in before mounting new protests.

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