Pagano Won’t Rest Starters Sunday


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Joe Robbins/Getty Images(INDIANAPOLIS) — Chuck Pagano will be back coaching the Indianapolis Colts Sunday, and although his team can’t improve its playoff position, it won’t be taking it easy on the Houston Texans.

Pagano, who just returned to the Colts after battling leukemia the past three months, led his first full practice since Sept. 26 Wednesday. He told reporters that he intends to play all starters that are physically cleared to play.

“That’s just not in our DNA. From day one, we had a week and we set goals for ourselves and just watching what this team has done over the course of the last 12 weeks and the entire season, it’s just not in our DNA, it’s not in our makeup,” said Pagano. “These kids deserve it, their families deserve it, our fans in this city deserve our best every game regardless of the situation and regardless of the circumstances. They’re going to roll a ball out there and it’s our job to go out there and try to win a football game. We’re going to approach it just like we approached the first three and then the way they approached the last 12. Take it one week at a time, one game at a time. It’s a 16-game regular season, this is the last one on the schedule. We all would love to win 11 games and that’s our goal and that’s our focus, the Texans obviously and getting number 11.”

This could be bad news for the Texans. Houston currently holds the one seed in the AFC and if it loses and New England and Denver wins, it will drop to the three seed and lose a first round bye.

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