UFO Reports in Blackfoot


Photo courtesy http://www.nuforc.org

(BLACKFOOT)  – Blackfoot resident Tara Pagan and her family claim they witnessed an UFO sighting Saturday evening.

Pagan said she saw 10 to 13 orange, glowing balls circling in the night sky that were staggered and then made formations. By the time she got her phone out to take a picture, all but one of the many orange balls had disappeared.

The National UFO Reporting Center reports there were three sightings from this area alone. By the end of the night, the center had a total of six reports in the western United States, all claiming to see the same thing.


  • zipperdoo says:

    Cool, I was in the company of 4 adults and two children on the south side of Missoula and witnessed the same thing as we looked to the north.That was Sunday evening though. Makes me wonder where they hung out for the night.Also wonder if the tower in Missoula recorded anything

  • Biggus_Footus says:

    The usual suspects: Swamp gas, Chinese party lanterns, Air Force flares.

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