White Supremacists to Build New N. Idaho Compound


2  Updated at 5:15 am, December 3rd, 2012 By: Managing Editor
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(SPOKANE, Wash.) – The Aryan Nations may soon reestablish themselves in northern Idaho.

Shaun Winkler, who ran unsuccessfully for Bonner County Sheriff earlier this year, said a supporter is offering his group eight acres of land near the town of Priest River.

Winkler, who doesn’t shy away about his white supremacist views, hopes to develop the property as a gathering place for supporters and others with similar views.

A lawsuit bankrupted the group in 2000, which forced the closure of its Hayden Lake compound a short time later.

  • Susie Hepburn

    Let’s face it, the human race has it’s share of unintelligent, narrow-minded bigots, we always have.. These Aryan guys are pretty much the lowest of the low and will NEVER be anything but pathetic losers, exactly like Hitler and his cronies.. They remind me a lot of Cockroaches, they hide behind walls in dark houses or build up barriers against the majority of humanity.. Why? Because they are terrified! Absolutely terrified of anything and anyone who is different in the slightest way.. Their idea, that the ‘white’ race should never intermingle with others is the epitome of how frightened people behave..

    The fact that mixing the gene pool is the only true way mankind will ever develop and evolve to it’s fullest potential totally escapes these people.. They are so focused on what they perceive as a threat to the species, they cannot see what most of us already do, the beauty, grace and intelligence of children of mixed heritage.. As a very famous alien named Spock was known to say: “Infinite diversity in infinite combinations… symbolizing the elements that create truth and beauty”.. It is the way of Nature that nothing remain stagnant, if it does, it will simply cease to exist..

  • Michael D Roll

    Lets face it there are a lot of NIGGER lovers out there that want nothing to see more then the fall of the GREASTEST RACE of all times which is the WHITE RACE so for all u NIGGER LOVERS out there when the hammer falls don’t be standing in the way