Former I.F. Attorney Paid Illegal Benefits


3  Updated at 11:42 am, January 25th, 2013 By: Managing Editor
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(IDAHO FALLS, ID)  —  Former Idaho Falls city attorney Dale Storer could be in hot water over illegal retirement payments.  Attorney Bryan Smith told city council members Thursday night that funds from the Public Retirement System of Idaho were funneled to Storer for more than a decade. According to reports, the city spent tens of thousands of dollars so Smith could be eligible for retirement benefits – something he should not have received as an independent contractor. Storer resigned his position in September. The city council plans to respond to Smith once they’ve examined the evidence.


  • dazed_confused2 says:

    I did a little googling and was able to find a training manual for PERSI for Payroll Clerks and how to handle “Appointed Officials.” Then I found in the City of Idaho Falls’ Ordinance book that the City Attorney is an Appointed Official and their pay and benefits is determined by the City Council

  • local counsel says:

    the problem comes from the fact he’s also in a private practice, and his firm collects separate fees for handling the cases he does – they (not sure if city or law firm’s idea first) tried to have it both ways, as employee, and as independant contractor, and you can’t do it that way.

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