Jodi Arias Said Travis Alexander Had ‘Bill Clinton’ View of Sex


ABC News(PHOENIX) — Accused murderer Jodi Arias testified Wednesday that her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, had a “Bill Clinton view of sex” because Alexander was eager for oral and anal sex to get around Mormon church rules against premarital sex.

“It seemed like Travis kind of had a Bill Clinton version of sex, where oral and anal sex were also sex to me, but not for him,” Arias told the court Wednesday.

Arias’ remark came on her second day on the stand while describing, often in detail, what she said were the sexual demands by Alexander in the early days of their tumultuous affair that ended when she stabbed and shot Alexander to death.

Her comment refers to former President Bill Clinton’s famous denial that he had sex with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, claiming they only had oral sex and not intercourse.

Arias’ defense attorneys have been using her testimony to portray Alexander as obsessed with sex and secrecy, outwardly pretending to be a chaste church elder who had no interest in Arias while continuing to ask her for nude photos of herself, oral sex and eventually intercourse.

Arias’ lawyers are hoping that a sympathetic portrayal of Arias as Alexander’s physically and emotionally abused girlfriend will bolster her claim that she killed Alexander in self-defense. Arias stabbed her lover 27 times, slashed his throat, and shot him twice in the head in 2008, two years after they met and began their affair.

The prosecution alleges that Arias killed Alexander out of jealousy. She could face the death penalty if convicted of his murder.

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  • wwmehere says:

    Okay – so first of all, ARIAS is 32 not 12…. This ploy to paint her as the poor , abused little girl is sickening. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING she has revealed validates her claim that Travis was abusive. She was a willing participant . She admitted she never asked him to stop anything! It’s all she can do to try to conceal her grin as she regurgitates in tedious detail, every sexual experience they had. She also needs to decide whether she was abusively “kept secret” or Travis bought her clothing to announce to the whole wide world that she belonged to him. Which is it Jodi? Or, whether Travis was so controlling she couldn’t get away from him- or he encouraged her to date other people? Which is it Jodi? It is beyond me why the judge is allowing this. What a waste of everyone’s time – and an insult to REAL abused women everywhere!

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