Justin Bieber Tells Jimmy Fallon: ‘I’m…Being Responsible’


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ABC/RANDY HOLMES(NEW YORK) — After being linked to stories in the tabloids about his hanging out with hangers on and their rumored use of marijuana and a codeine-based cough syrup, Justin Bieber tried to present a different view of himself on Tuesday night’s installment of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

While not directly addressing the rumors, Bieber admitted to Fallon, “I’m having fun being 18, and…enjoying my life and being responsible.”

Bieber, who’s in New York City to host this week’s Saturday Night Live, acknowledged his pop idol status has its advantages, including tooling around in a brand new Ferrari, and being able to get out of tickets just by signing autographs for officers who pull him over.

“I’ve actually had that happen before.” Bieber declared.  He said officers have said to him, “‘I’ll let you go, just my daughter really loves you.'”

The singer says he’s often photographed by paparazzi after being pulled over by police, but he’s behaving himself behind the wheel. “I don’t do anything. I promise!” he told Fallon.

“You see pictures of me getting pulled over, but really, the tints are really dark. And a lot of times they’ll pull me over,” Beiber said, imitating a cop, “‘Do you know why I pulled you over? Your tints.'” And I say, “‘Well…I need dark tints because I don’t want to cause accidents because people try to take pictures, and, you know, I just thought it would be more safe for everyone else, if I have dark tints.'”

Bieber also competed against Fallon in a free-throw competition, using various objects in place of a basketball, including a female mannequin head that Bieber made out with, a framed picture of Chuck Norris — “He’s my dad,” Bieber joked — and one of Bieber’s singing dolls.

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