“Braxton Family Values” Returns with New Drama


Courtesy of WeTV(NEW YORK) — The Braxtons are back with an all new season of sisterhood and drama on WeTV’s Braxton Family Values.

On last week’s season three premiere, the sisters were upset with their youngest sister Tamar, who they claim has changed since her recent music success and spin-off show with husband Vincent Herbert.

The sisters tell ABC News Radio that the situation has yet to improve.

“Before Tamar got her spin-off show, it was always, ‘How come y’all can’t [spend quality time]?  And how come we can’t [spend quality time]?’  But, you know, it just seems like there are different rules when it pertains to Tamar, and that upsets all of us,” Towanda says.

“When you talk about reaching out…everything is not a one way street,” Trina adds, explaining that the sisters try to fix their communication issues by hopping on a weekly conference call that can sometimes last for hours.

Still, that’s not the only drama the Braxtons have.  After renewing their vows last season, Trina and Gabe Solis are still working to mend their marriage despite her sisters’ disapproval and infidelities on both sides.

“What my husband did to me, he did to me,” Trina tells ABC News Radio.  “And that’s something we had to mend between the two of us.  And even though he did some really horrible things that affected my family, what he did, he did not do directly to the family.”

But not all the sisters have men problems.  Traci, who has been with her husband for nearly 20 years, says viewers will see more of her other half, Kevin Surratt, on the show this season, but reveals there won’t be any arguments.  Also, Towanda has reconciled with husband Andre Carter, and they’re happier than ever after couples therapy.

The sisters said viewers would have to watch to see if Toni moves forward with her relationship with estranged husband Keri Lewis, “or if it folds.”

And Tamar couldn’t be happier now that she’s expecting her first child, which she announced to the world on ABC’s Good Morning America earlier this month.  Still, when telling her sisters, Tamar, who is in her third trimester, tried to deny it.  Towanda knew something was fishy.

“I had a dream about fish,” Towanda says.  “I always have a dream about fish when someone’s pregnant.  And I called everybody…and everybody’s like, ‘It’s not me’…And then finally [Tamar] said, ‘Guys, I’m pregnant.'”

The third season of Braxton Family Values airs Thursday nights at 9 Eastern time on WeTV.

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