California Animal Sanctuary Reopens in Wake of Lion Attack


0  Updated at 2:37 am, March 11th, 2013 By: ABC Digital
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ABC News(DUNLAP, Calif.) — The California animal sanctuary where an African lion killed a 24-year-old volunteer intern reopened on Sunday.

Dale Anderson, the founder of Project Survival Cat Haven outside Fresno, said the sanctuary was reopened to visitors with the consent of the victim’s parents.

Authorities say Dianna Hanson died almost instantly of a broken neck last Wednesday afternoon after she was attacked when she entered the enclosure of a 4-year-old male lion.  The lion was shot and killed by deputies who were called to the scene.  A moment of silence was observed Sunday in honor of the Hanson.

Anderson said it was important to return back to normal operations, and “Dianna would really want us to do that.”

Fresno County Sheriff’s Department investigators believe the tragedy occurred because someone accidentally left a door open that allowed the lion to enter the enclosure where Hanson was working.

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