Dick Cheney Unconcerned with Critics in New Documentary


JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images(WASHINGTON) — In The World According to Dick Cheney, a new documentary by R.J. Cutler, former Vice President Dick Cheney is unrepentant, and says that he doesn’t care about what critics think of him.

The documentary, which premiers March 15 on Showtime, gives a rare and in-depth look at one of the most influential politicians in recent years.

“I don’t lay awake at night thinking ‘gee, what are they going to say about me now?’” Cheney remarks in the upcoming film.

“He does say a lot that he’s not interested in what people think about him, but it’s hard to imagine that he’s not invested in what his legacy is,” Cutler said in an interview with ABC’s This Week.  “He is a significant figure of American history.”

“He does not feel there is room for compromise,” Cutler said. “I think it raises the question, when total conviction serves a democracy and when it can be problematic for democracy.”

Though the planning stages of the documentary and interviews were slow, Cutler got perhaps unprecedented access to the vice president and his way of thinking over the course of several interviews. Cutler even accompanied him on a fishing trip.

Culter told This Week that he had to go into the interviews with a totally open mind.

“You need to enter most of all with curiosity,” Cutler said. “Not with expectations, not with preconceived notions, but with questions.”

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