House Approves Anti-Marijuana Resolution



(BOISE, ID) — The Idaho House has approved a resolution condemning the legalization of marijuana. The vote passed 63 – 7 Wednesday, sending a clear message that the majority of Gem State lawmakers are against the use of marijuana in any form. The Senate passed the same resolution last month. Democratic opponents to the resolution argued that Idaho was passing unfair judgment on the legislative and voter-backed actions of neighboring states. Supporters say there are effective alternative treatments for ill people that don’t require the use of cannabis.


  • Chelsea Evans says:

    This means nothing. It is not law. It is shady politicians not listening to Idahoans. It’s a mere statement of misrepresentation.

  • freedomseekingmama says:

    Cannabis is the safer alternative treatment compared to the
    harmful effects of prescription drugs. The U.S. Government holds a patent to
    the medical properties that have been scientifically proven. “US Patent
    6630507 – Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants”. Annually
    there are over 22,000 deaths from prescription drugs, and zero from the use of
    a natural healing plant, cannabis. People in pain and suffering deserve the
    freedom to choose what they put in their bodies, they shouldn’t have to be forced
    to try medication that have terrible side effects, only to have to take more
    drugs with more side effects. Anyone with a search engine can look up the prescription drugs they are taking and their
    side effects always include possible death. The side effects from cannabis to
    combat nausea or pain are minimal and has never included death or possible
    overdose. Please educate yourselves before you judge something based on lies,
    control and power.

    • freedomseekingmama says:

      Idahoans you have the power to change Idaho into a compassionate State for the sick and dying. You are being lied to by your government. Have a heart and join the movement to make safe medicine available to those who need it. It could be you diagnosed with cancer or your loved ones tomorrow. Help fight the cause here

  • They are just afraid .. And they should be , 74% of Idahoans believe in medical marijuana . All they are doing is keeping medicine from patients . We need to start looking at marijuana as a answer to many medical problems. Cannabis has been used in medicine for thousands of years , and for me personally the only medicine I can afford for my Crohn’s disease .. These “elected officals” are completely deaf to the people that put them into office . The movement goes forward , their little “resolution” does nothing , our petition gives the people Idaho the chance to change our states law… That’s right , they should be scared ..

  • Nom Deguerre says:

    This is what your thieving and lying politicians are fighting against and keeping from you Idaho!

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