Idaho Falls and Pocatello on FAA List of Closures


Airport Terminal

(IDAHO FALLS, ID)  —  The Federal Aviation Administration revealed its list of 149 federal contract control towers that will close to comply with the agency’s sequestration plan.   Both Idaho Falls and Pocatello airports were on the list.   The agency will keep 24 towers open that were previously slated for closure, because closing them would have a negative impact on the national interest.   Both Idaho Falls and Pocatello had submitted similar arguments, but were not considered by the agency.    FAA administrator Michael Huerta indicated that the agency will work with all airports to ensure proper procedures are in place to maintain a high level of safety at non-towered airports.

Two other Idaho airports were also on the list; Hailey and Lewiston, as well as Ogden and Provo, Utah.    The FAA will begin phasing-in closures of the 149 towers beginning April 7.

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