Impatient? Facebook’s Redesigned News Feed to Roll Out Slowly


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Peter Foley/Bloomberg via Getty Images(NEW YORK) — As news spread Thursday that Facebook was undergoing a “facelift,” users flocked to the site, with many commenting that they couldn’t wait to see the new changes.

“But mine doesn’t look like that yet.”

“Yep and can’t wait to get it!”

“Mine hasn’t changed yet. We shall see when that happens.”

Those were just a few of the comments posted by users on the ABC News Facebook page in response to reports about Facebook’s redesigned news feed Thursday.

The social network revealed Thursday morning that it’s got a brand new news feed with a more photo-first design and the ability to look at different content streams. However, while the company said that it would be “rolling out today” to users, it turns out that rollout is going to happen more slowly than many would like.

Facebook told ABC News that it is taking a “very slow, measured approach” to rolling out the new design to users.

“This is an update to a service hundreds of millions of people around the world use every day, so we need to make sure this experience feels as great as possible,” Kate O’Neill, Facebook product marketing manager, told ABC News. A small number of Facebook users will see the new look Thursday and others will start to see it on a rolling basis.

For those that don’t want to just wait their turn, they can go to to sign up for the waiting list.

“We hope to open it up to as many people as we can,” O’Neill said.

She wouldn’t share how many would be included in the early access period, but she said the majority of people would not see this Thursday or over the coming weeks.

Facebook has taken a similar approach with its products in the past. When it released Graph Search, the new search tool that allows for deeper searches, it also said it would only be available on a limited basis at first.

When asked about when Graph Search would release to a wider set of users, O’Neill said, “The early feedback is quite positive for people. We want to make sure it is working as well as it can before we turn it on for more people.”

She added that Facebook does not have specific plans for the mobile rollout of Graph Search. Facebook said Thursday the mobile version of the news feed, which looks a lot like the Web version, would start rolling out in a couple of weeks.

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