Women’s Petitions Lead to Prayers in LDS Conference


lds pulpit

(SALT LAKE CITY, UT) — A letter-writing campaign to allow women to lead Mormons in prayer during the faith’s semi-annual General Conference has been successful. The Salt Lake Tribune reports that women will be allowed to pray in the two-day April Conference for the first time in the church’s 183-year history. Supporters say it’s all thanks to the efforts of a growing number of women who want to take on more visible roles in their religion.

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  • piguy2 says:

    This information isn’t correct. The letter writing campaign didn’t happen until around January of this year. If you read the statement released by the church, you will discover that the choices of who prayers for General Conference were already made last year, BEFORE the letter writing campaign. On top of that, the Salt Lake Tribune has not cited any sources and the Church has neither confirmed nor denied that fact.

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