Superman Flies Again in “Man of Steel” Trailer


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Warner Bros. Pictures(NEW YORK) — For comic fans, the wait is finally over.  Via a viral website and on YouTube, Warner Bros. has released the final official trailer for its Superman film, Man of Steel.

The coming attraction for the Zack Snyder-directed epic begins with Russell Crowe and Julia Ormand as Superman’s birth parents, bidding a tearful goodbye to their baby son Kal-El as he’s launched from his doomed home planet of Krypton.

“Goodbye my son,” says Crowe. 

“He’ll be an outcast.  They’ll kill him,” she warns.

“How?” Crowe responds, as their offspring will have unspeakable powers on earth.

The trailer segues to Kal-El’s difficult childhood on earth as Clark Kent, as he wrestles with his secret identity as an alien.

“I have to believe you were sent here for a reason,” Kevin Costner says as Kal-El’s adoptive dad.  “And even if it takes the rest of your life, you owe it to yourself to find out what that reason is.”

Henry Cavill plays the adult Clark Kent/Kal-El, and the trailer hints at his journey from a young man who saves lives because he can’t help using his powers for good — only to disappear afterward lest he not give away his identity — to a man who embraces his true self, cape and all, only to be hunted by both earth’s military and Michael Shannon’s General Zod, a fellow Kryptonian bent on destroying him.

As Lois Lane, Amy Adams delivers a touch of comic relief, questioning the suited-up Cavill what the “S” on his chest stands for.

“On my world, it means ‘hope,'” Cavill says. 

“Well, here’s it’s an ‘S,'” Adams says.

Before she suggests the name “Superman,” microphone feedback cuts her off.

Man of Steel opens on June 14.

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